Ozone for cooling tower system

(Ozone Cooling Tower)


        Ozone is a form of oxygen that has energy (Active Oxygen). It can create the reacting oxidation of organic, inorganic chemicals in almost all kinds, both in water and air. Ozone has the effect of eliminating the severe infection, and has 3,000-time of speed in elimination faster than chlorine. In the working process, Ozone will  bind with the molecules  of contaminants and digest them by altering the structure of the substances. Because ozone is the gas that has unstable structure, after the reaction, Ozone will transform back to oxygen, which does not harm or affect any animals, humans, and the environments.



Work principle of Ozone Cooling Tower

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Properties Ozone Cooling Tower

1.   The substances of slag or limestone known as calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate, in general, will be found in the group of calcium carbonate salt which arise in the heat transferring surface in the Cooling Tower. Ozone, used in water treatment that has these minerals mixed within and produced from gas generator, will react with calcium ions (Ca2+) and carbonate ions (CO32-) to avoid the chance of forming the calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Instead, there will be the forming of calcium nitrate [Ca(No3)2], which can be precipitated. For the part of the ozone reaction with magnesium ions, it will be the similar procedure of reaction.

2.   The disease (Biofilm) and algae arising is the cause of corrosion and the factor to easy slag forming, because the uprising of mucus or algae are the accumulation of diseases and the binder of various types of minerals that can form themselves to the slag. In fact, the corrosion caused by slag is less than the amount of corrosion caused by disease (Biofilm),  because the type of bacteria that uses air (Aerobic Bacteria) is coated with the slag and will change into anaerobic bacteria. This type of disease will create reaction with the surfaced iron since enzyme type of this disease has the effect of ozone gas acid. It can kill the disease and algae with the extreme oxidation, by eliminating tissue cells of disease rapidly.      

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