Energy management company


           Energy management company known as the Energy Service Company or ESCO is the management consulting company in various organizations, with the goal to maximize energy efficiency for the organizations, to encourage energy conservation, or literally increase energy efficiency.

The main functions of the energy management company is, as follows:
1.   Inspect and analyze the energy use, including arranging the goal directions, conservation plans, and engineering designs.
2.   Arrange the proposal documentations.
3.   Direct projects.
4.   Provide or help supply equipments, installations, constructions, controls, and maintenance.
5.   Check and evaluate energy-saving result of the project.
6.   Guarantee of energy-savings result in case that after performing, the saving result is lower than expected compared with the guarantee contract with ESCO. In this case, it will pay compensation to the organizations without any risks.
7.   Train and provide other services related to the energy conservation.

Benefits that  the buildings will obtain from proceeding with energy-conservation project and participating with the ESCO project
1.   Obtainment of the short-term and long-term supporting fund, from the conservation fund, Ministry of Energy
2.   Obtainment of complete service from the skilled teams with the technical and  administrative abilities
3.   There is a guarantee for energy saving, to reduce the doubtfulness problem of compensation after proceeding the project. In addition, There will be central government agencies to verify the accuracy of the operations.
4.   Reduce the risk of operation since there are direct specialists in energy management as the operator. Plus, tools, machinery, and equipments has been inspected, making the tools, machinery, and equipments acquire suitable quality for corporation activities.
5.   Build competitiveness by production-reducing costs, which improve the cost effectiveness to generate profit from lowering energy consumption.
6.   Add or improve the environmental circumstances for the proper operations.
7.   Increase the better energy-management ability, such as, waste-energy reduction, extension of tools and equipments lifetimes.
8.   Benefits from the energy-saving values (use of saving), such as, bonus, central budget, investment cost, reduction of variable cost to corporation, reduction of financial flow and cash insufficiency
9.   Create the good image of an organization on social energy-saving and environmental-conservation trend. Help reduce global warming, as well as environmental conservation and responding to the government policy.  
        Example: case that requires installation of energy-saving equipment, investment of 1,000,000 million THB, and organizations participating with ESCO project when compared with the bank deposit

Bank deposit (interest rate 5% per year)

Participating with ESCO project

Bank deposit (interest rate 5% per year)

Deposit : 1,000,000 THB

Interest per year  : 50,000 THB

Profit earning over 15 years  : 750,000 THB

Make the Contract to obtain the low-interest fund from investment capital 1,000,000 THB, 4% of interest per year.
Pay by Installments from the ESCO saving result.
Guarantee the saving result 45,000 THB per month.
Principal + interest to pay back for 2 years  = 1,080,000 THB

Payback period  = 2 years (24 months), the remaining time, 13 years, will be profitable without investment  = 13 x 12 x 45,000 = 7,020,000 THB






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