Energy-saving voltage regulator



      Energy-saving voltage regulator named SAVE-2000 is responsible to adjust reducing the over voltage that is higher than standard, to fit the criteria of electrical appliances, equipments, or machines in the electrical systems. The design will be specifically provided for each location (Case by Case) in order to maximize efficiency. The device will be installed at the main source of the system. 
     Therefore, the electrical equipments in the system will receive appropriate level of voltage and help extend the lifetime of equipments. Additionally, it will help save energy with the ability to install anywhere that uses electricity, such as, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, industrial factories, and residential accommodations. 



Work principle of SAVE-2000

Adjust voltage level to suit the need of loads without the load effect and help save electrical energy.

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SAVE-2000 Properties

1.   Adjust the voltage level suiting for the normal use and save electrical energy. In accordance with the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), it is indicated that the voltage regulator can save energy in the electrical system which receives the over voltage than the normal use level.
2.   Increase the power factor, making the reduction of electrical power (kW) and resulting in the decrease of Reactive power (kVAR). Power factor (Pf) increases; hence, the electrical system can receive more loads and optimize the electrical efficiency of the system.
3.   Solve the 3th harmonic signal. The harmonic signal is a signal of electrical current and voltage that is not frequency of 50 Hz but mixing with the frequency of 50 Hz.
4.   Extend the lifetime of your electrical equipments. By lowering voltage to the standard level, will allow electrical equipments to work on the criteria the manufacturer has designed. Moreover, it will help extend the lifetime and reduce the maintenance cost of electrical equipments and machines.
5.   An electrical power meter (1 set) will be installed, in case of SAVE-2000 rated size from 500 kVA or above, to monitor and control energy consumption. This power meter can analyze and measure power consumption per hour, day, week, or month, compared with the electricity bill by the communication port from power meter toward the computer. Also, the report can be created in the chart form for an ease to analyze and check electrical power within the organization at any time.    
Benefits of SAVE-2000 device
1.   Reduce overall electricity costs approximately 5-15%.      
2.   Optimize the electrical distribution of transformer.
3.   Reduce loss due to harmonic signal.
4.   Extend the lifetime and reduce the maintainance cost of machines and electrical equipments.
5.   Check, measure, and analyze the current amount of electrical consumption and be able to forecast electricity consumption in the future with the power meter of SAVE-2000 device. 
6.   Optimize the energy consumption. 

7.   Help conserve the nation energy and reduce the natural-resources consumption. 



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